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Thimble Catchers
Volume 2

More fun thimble catchers and needlecase holders. The needlecase holders are oversized and can be used for your lipstick! Lots of fun new sculptural designs.

Quick projects, wonderful for beginners and advanced beaders. Many of them only use two to three colors, so you can substitute them with your favorite colors in your bead stash very easily.

Thimble Catchers, Vol. 2   $24.95  
Multiple book order discounts available, click here to see more.

Click on the amulet name to go right to the design.

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them.
If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.

IMPORTANT . . . Please Read Before Ordering!!!

PATTERN ONLYnot available for Thimble Catchers, due to the additional pages needed for the decrease instructions, the book is only a few dollars more.

DELICAS ONLY Is just that, the delicas used in the design in
full 5 gram bags even if the pattern only uses 2 beads.
Does NOT have pattern. Must order book for pattern.
No fringe, necklace or accent beads.


Busy as a bee is a good thing to be . . .
but it's also good to take time off to

DELICAS ONLY    $12.00  


This little ladybug won't bug you! She's all that, in her red and black. As she lends a helping hand in the garden.

DELICAS ONLY   $21.00  


Bring some "light" into your life! What a
lovely way to carry your needlecase or lipstick
in this fun and functional Lighthouse!

DELICAS ONLY   $33.00  

Purple Filigree

Elegant deep purple shading to a light lavender
with a sinuous black leaf and vine filigree pattern overall.

DELICAS ONLY   $12.00  


I see spots! Or just a few large ones.
Inspired by a trip to North Dakota and

all the wide open spaces.

DELICAS ONLY   $15.00  

Flower Pot

This fun little flower pot is just overflowing with
spring flowers! The base and lid are very basi
so the flowers and vines really show up.

DELICAS ONLY    $ 6.00  


This is a blast from the past with the wild colors and geometric shapes! What a fun way to carry your needlecase!

DELICAS ONLY   $27.00  


Leopard Print

Walk a little on the wild side with this
needlecase holder. Earthy geometric
designs compliment the animal print.

DELICAS ONLY   $24.00  


Ocean Breeze

Wind whispers by your face, softly blowing your hair.
Whispy white clouds swirl along a blue, blue sky.

DELICAS ONLY   $20.00  


Morning Glory

Beautiful soft flowers that open during the early morning
with their periwinkle color and fun trumpet shape.

DELICAS ONLY   $21.00  


Tea Time

This fun sculptural piece is both functional and fun.
The teapot is a great size for large thimbles or
other objects you wish to carry. It's a work of art
you can put on display too!

DELICAS ONLY   $27.00  

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