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Beader, Vol. 4
These designs were rolling around in my mind for a long time, and some have been inspired by you! Many beaders ask me for specific designs and sometimes it's just the little push I need to try something different.

These vary in size from decorative wear to being even large enough for cell phones, credit cards and I.D. too! The bookincludes patterns not only for them amulets, but matching earrings and needlecases. You get 30 patterns in all. Designs are two sided unless they are shapped across the top or bottom, so you get even more designs!

Beadfuddled Beader, Vol. 4   $24.95  
Multiple book order discounts available, click here to see more.

Click on the amulet name to go right to the design.
Available as a Complete or Delica Kit and Individual Patterns.

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them.
If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.

IMPORTANT . . . Please Read Before Ordering!!!

PATTERN ONLY - Pattern for amulet design as shown.

DELICA ONLY KIT ... Pattern for the amulet design as shown and Delicas (in full 5 gram bags, even if a pattern calls for just 1 bead)does NOT includeany fringe, necklace or accent beads.

The American Dream

The American flag represents our freedom, the dream of a better world, the ability to stand united and proud. Show your pride and stand strong as an American. Celebrate our liberty year round.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $38.00  

Oh! Scarlet

Frankly my dear . . . you are a beautiful bird! Brilliant reds, rich gold and deep blues are the trademark of this stunning tropical bird. This design is repeated on the back so he can face either direction. The red horn leaves are very hard to find so the Complete Kit is a good idea of you don't like searching on the internet! I've only found them at the big bead wholesale shows in Tucson.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
DELICA ONLY KIT   $64.00   

Tiger Eyes

Their piercing gaze is enough to stop anyone in their tracks. From golden brown to piercing blue.

The Siberian and Bengal Tiger
are quite the contrast for cool and fiery colors. Bold markings make
each tiger unique.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
DELICA ONLY KIT   $80.00   

Koi Pond

Elegant red and white Koi glide serenely through the cool blue waters.

Rippling light reflections swirl slowly across the surface revealing the Koi below.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
DELICA ONLY KIT   $49.00   


You can
find dolphins In the deep blue waters of the oceans.

They love to play, from surfing in the bow wave of a passing boat, to jumping high out of the water just for the joy of it.

The water has lovely highlights and subtle blue tones that just don't show up on the online pictures.

        PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
        DELICA ONLY KIT   $46.00   

Fall Colors

Rich browns, golden oak leaves and acorns dance across this bag. The bright red and orange maple leaves create a striking amulet. This amulet is large enough for your ID and credit cards.

        PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
        DELICA ONLY KIT   $50.00   

Butterfly Garden

Brilliant colored butterflies, vibrant blues on one side and the other bright pink to orange make this piece a show stopper. Large enough for business cards and credit cards, you can use this for travelling or an evening out.

        PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
        DELICA ONLY KIT   $61.00   

Christmas Cheer

This Christmas wreath is very three dimensional. With the texture of the wreath itself and then the ornamentation it is a stand out. The backside is a pretty package all wrapped up for the season with Angels holding the corners and in the necklace to watch over you.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
DELICA ONLY KIT   $48.00   

Mischief & Spot

Mischief with her "oh, so innocent" blue eyes is always looking to get into trouble, though without you catching her!

And Spot just wants a warm lap to cuddle in and purrrrrrrr the night away.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
  DELICA ONLY KIT   $56.00   



Spring Gate

The secret garden behind the wrought iron gates await you with this amulet. Bright colorful flowers in reds, oranges, pinks and yellows stand out against the vibrant greenery while the blue skies greet you.

On the back you see the garden by night, all colors are muted to soft blues with the stars sparkling above.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00   
DELICA ONLY KIT   $58.00   

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