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We all love freebies. Here are some fun projects, for flat or round peyote beadweaving. Click on the images for a more detailed view to print. If you have an idea for a fun little mini design but have had problems making it. Let me know and I'll add it to these for all to share!

Biscuit Love

This is for all of you dog lovers, flat peyote or brickstitch, this will cover a 5/8" wide collar. Once you've beaded it, you'll then stitch it to a collar. Repeat the pattern as many times as needed to cover your collar. Thanks for the suggestion Vickie!


Mini Garden
This fun little iris and the french window make a cute pin or quick gift.

78 across by 66 down . . . this cheery lighthouse watches the dolphins at play! Full size amulet.


72 across by 89 down . . . a bit of a mind bender. I used #277
for the dark purple/blue and #612 Lined Bronze and
#181 Lined Copper for the other two.

BeadTalk Pin
35 Across by 60 Down. For both flat peyote or brickstitch. Click on the image for large pattern to print. Pick your three favorite colors, then have
fun with the fringe. I look foward to seeing all the different variations!

Mini Wreath
Something fun and quick for Christmas.

Mini Fall Leaf
Time to let the Mother Nature take a break.
Let the old go and get ready for spring.

Mini Shamrock
Wearing the green! Spring is coming.

Mini Tux
Who doesn't love penquins and snowflake designs?
Two of my favorite things!

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