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zoom and online classes...
Check out the available classes below. Some are fun free sessions
to expand your creativity, some are specific projects with available kits.

"Zoom with Amy"
Come zoom with me and other creative souls. I'll be hosting both free and fee class Zoom sessions covering everything from creating a design to color choices, drawing an applique, tips and tricks, techniques and show and tell session!

Drop in for a few minutes, or for the full time. You don't have to share video if you don't want to, come and expand your creativity and join others who love to create too! I'll be updating the schedule. Lots to do now that I'm off the road!

All meetings and classes will start 15 minutes prior to posted time to give you a chance to log-in and work out any problems and visit with each other. You must have a Zoom account. Most of the Zoom meetings will not be recorded, if there is a project or specific technique taught, I will be making a separate video that will be posted here or on YouTube or Vimeo that you can go back to view and share. Sign-Up for future Zoom Events and Class Schedule.


Online Classes ...
Online Zoom live classes will not be recorded. Once you register, you will recieve the Zoom link and a follow-up after class via e-mail to review it again for three months. This way you can enjoy the online class and rewind when needed and do the project at your liesure and go to any step easily without any of the interruptions that happen live!


Zoom / Class Library...
Click on the links below to view past Zoom events and videos.

Quick Paracord Tutorial - Cobra Braid

Learn this handy technique to make your own bold bracelet, dog collar or strap for carrying stuff out of Paracord.


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