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Thimble Catchers
Volume 1

These delicate amulets are just the right size to store your favorite thimble. Hence the name "Thimble Catchers." They can also be used to hold any small precious momento or even just a little cotton ball with a drop of your favorite scent on it!

Quick projects, wonderful for beginners and advanced beaders. Many of them only use two to three colors, so you can substitute them with your favorite colors in your bead stash very easily.

Thimble Catchers, Vol. 1   $24.95  
Multiple book order discounts available, click here to see more.

Click on the amulet name to go right to the design.

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them.
If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.

IMPORTANT . . . Please Read Before Ordering!!!

PATTERN ONLYnot available for Thimble Catchers, due to the additional pages needed for the decrease instructions, the book is only a few dollars more.

DELICAS ONLY Is just that, the delicas used in the design in
full 5 gram bags even if the pattern only uses 2 beads.
Does NOT have pattern. Must order book for pattern.
No fringe, necklace or accent beads.

Amethyst Mist

Rich purple and opalescent shimmers. Highly textural
with beads woven into the surface for added impact.

DELICAS ONLY    $9.00  


Color Crazy

This is for those of us who can never
decide what color to wear. So it has all of them, or at least quite a few!

DELICAS ONLY    $24.00  

Zebra Fancy

Fun and fanciful. This classic animal print
makes for a quick project and fun necklace.
Great beginner project.

DELICAS ONLY   $12.00  

Blue Flame

Lacey blue flames shimmer against the dark bue
background. Capture a bit of the night and the
heat of the fire.

DELICAS ONLY     $9.00  

Golden Dreams

Subtle gold and copper shading shimmer against
the rich black net and accent beads.

DELICAS ONLY   $9.00  


The Chinese symbol for happiness is hidden in this red on red design. The color is the traditional symbol for happiness and with it's longer length, can be used to hold more than just a thimble.

DELICAS ONLY   $12.00  


I've gone nuts! or just one nut . . . I've always been fascinated
with the acorn form and now I've managed to bead it!

DELICAS ONLY   $12.00  


This fun little bell shapped flower with it's little blue petals, hangs from the rich green vine necklace accented with delicate leaves.

DELICAS ONLY   $15.00  


Bright blue skies, frothing white waves and a bit of the
golden beach. Capture a little of the seaside and
carry it with you always.

DELICAS ONLY   $42.00  


Spring has sprung and so have all the flowers, the sun is shining, what more could you ask for?

DELICAS ONLY   $30.00  

Crystal Shimmer

Pure snowy white accented with Silverlined beads and clear antique crystals create a delicate confection spun out of light and beads.

DELICAS ONLY   $6.00  

Moon Shadow

On those rare nights, the bright new crescent moon is out, and yet, you can just see the shadow of the full moon to come later.

DELICAS ONLY   $15.00  

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