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Beader, Vol. 2

Beading has become a way for me to express my creative side. I love textural artwork, the kind you can touch and feel. These beaded amulets are all that and more. It's become a passion that will last a lifetime.

These vary in size from decorative wear to being even large enough for cell phones, credit cards and I.D. too! The bookincludes patterns not only for them amulets, but matching earrings and needlecases. You get 30 patterns in all. Designs are two sided unless they are shapped across the top or bottom, so you get even more designs!

Beadfuddled Beader, Vol. 2   $24.95  
Multiple book order discounts available, click here to see more.

Click on the amulet name to go right to the design.
Most of these are only available as a Delica Only Kit or Individual Pattern. As I create new designs I have to retire kits. I no longer have the fringe or necklace beads to create Complete Kits anymore.

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them.
If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.

IMPORTANT . . . Please Read Before Ordering!!!

PATTERN ONLY - Pattern for amulet design as shown

COMPLETE KIT ... includes:
Pattern, Delicas (are kitted by weight with just a few extra for spillage) and fringe/necklace beads.

DELICA ONLY KIT ... Pattern for the amulet design as shown and Delicas (in full 5 gram bags, even if a pattern calls for just 1 bead)does NOT includeany fringe, necklace or accent beads.

Serengetti Watchers

These beautiful cats gaze across the Serengetti plains, going from a lazy walk to an incredible speed.

Backside has a rich cheetah spot pattern.

This amulet uses delicas in the fringe and necklace since there is no matching seed bead colors for them so there are two choices of "Delica Only Kits."

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT - W/O Fringe Delicas   $51.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT - W/ Fringe Delicas      $59.00  


Monet's Springtime

Monet is one of my favorite artists. His earlier works are what really bring my imagination alive. This is one way to have a little of that wonderful inspiration around me anytime I put on this amulet!

Backside has a patterned border in lavender and blue.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $59.00  


The Water Lily

This delicate white and pale peach water lily rises above the edge of the amulet, adding an extra dimension and dramatic flair. Water lilies come in many colors, the most common is white, they are also yellow, hot pink and red. Change the colors in the flower to create your own custom water lily!

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $47.00  



Pondering Owl

Soaring on silent wings, owls keep guard in the night. Let this owl watch over you! Beautiful flap decorated with two feathers creates another sophisticated look, which side will you wear showing?

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $52.00  




Mother's Promise

As long as there has been Mother Earth, she has made a promise to love and cherish us, as her children, just as we do for own children.

Backside has a rich geometric tapestry design.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $52.00  



Midnight Flight

Fly away on outstretched wings with this white dove, set against a velvety blue background. Let her take you under her wing and give you peace.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $37.00  



Autumn Winds

Swirling winds of autumn playfully blow these leaves around. Beautiful swirls on misty grey, with hints of gold.

Backside features swirling wind pattern

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $38.00  


Going Batty

Six bats flit around the crescent moon while a black widow spider hangs over her web on the backside of this fun Halloween design.

Backside has a silver web and a black widow spider on the flap.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $42.00  


Leap into Christmas

This white reindeer is leaping into the spirit of Christmas. With a colorful wreath of ribbons and flowers streaming in the wind.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $40.00  


Black Knight

This proud black stallion keeps watch into the night. This amulet purse is perfect for a night on the town, when you don't want to carry a purse! Large enough to hold your business cards, drivers license and more!

Backsideis a blue on blue pattern with flap.

PATTERN ONLY      $12.00  
DELICA ONLY KIT   $54.00  

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