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April 25, 2023



New Design... Quilt Magic

This was a fun little peyote necklace design based on a modern and traditional quilt pattern design and ALL my favorite colors!

When you finish it, it's a puffy little pillow with playful fringe and the perfect size for everyday wear.

Remember, all new "Complete" Kits are limited editions, only available until they run out. The pattern and "Delica" only kits will be available after they are sold out.


New Website in the Works...

I'm working on completely rebuilding my website in the background as the ecommerce software has changed drastically in the past 25 years. There's a lot of pages to rebuild. There are no more amulet bag or bracelet kits available at this time even if they're listed on the web page. Delica Only Kits are available for any design, these kits include the pattern sent via PDF and all the colors needed in 5 gram bags.

Next Zoom Destash . . .
I'm working on the next destash group and will announce what will be offered. Click Here to Register: You must register to attend with a mailing address and credit card. If you don't order anything you will not be billed. The penny in the shopping cart is so it will bring up the credit card info page. Nothing will be charged. Looking forward to seeing you there!



September 15-22, 2024 ::: 7 Night / 8 Day Cruise
Dawes Glacier Cruise
Celebrity Cruise Line ::: Celebrity Solstice

Hold your space at the best price!
$250 Deposit, 100% Refundable until May 1, 2024
Questions? E-mail or call 360.271.1410 MST

Reserve your space today!

We're traveling on the luxurious Celebrity Cruise Line this time to some new locations. Icy Strait Point, Dawes Glacier and Endicott Arm are on this route. Click on the ship name above to see pictures of this amazing ship.

Round trip from Vancouver, BC with some fun 1-2 day PRE-Cruise tours to be offered. This is a beautiful part of the country to explore if you've never been here, so taking the time to enjoy being in Vancouver and the surrounding areas is worth the extra couple of days. Once I get the details together I will be posting both the hotel and tour options on the page.

Click here for complete cruise information and pricing.


Available June 1 through September 30, 2024

$95 per person, per day
Includes a goodie bag!

Welcome to the Tetons! I have two lovely rooms available through AirBNB (shown below) and two RV Parking spots with power and water.

Located in the scenic Teton Valley in southeast Idaho. Just between the West and South Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone takes at least 3 days to not rush through and enjoy the sights. Reserve enough days to feed your need to create and take a break from all the driving through the park.

In the studio you'll have space to bead, learn applique quilting, bead pattern designing, drawing, and more.
Must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Save the Date! Open Studio Reservation

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A I R B N B ::: A C C O M O D A T I O N S ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Serene Teton Room

Enjoy this relaxing private room with detached bath on the first floor with easy access to the deck and outside.

A firm memory foam Queen bed with pillow top for 1-2 people, desk, mini fridge, closet area, spacious dresser and 32" Roku TV.

The bathroom is located just outside the door to the left.

Click here for more informtion and to book the Serene Teton Room

Enjoy relaxing on
the deck overlooking the Grand Tetons with only the relaxing sound of the breeze and chimes
swirling by.

It's time to enjoy just being (or was that beading?)!


Grand Teton View Master

Located on the second floor. Which is the main floor of the house. It provides an amazing view over the Tetons.

You have your own sitting area to relax in. Sleeps up to 4 people.

The private bath is located next to the stairwell. It has an amazing walk in shower with views out into the valley. Frosted windows provide privacy and a view all at the same time!

The Queen bed and Twins are all memory foam beads. The daybed converts into two twins with plenty of space to still move around. 32" Fire TV, open bookcase shelving, bench seat, desk and mini apartment fridge complete this room.

Click here for more informtion and
to book the Grand Teton View Master



RV Camping Space
30 or 50 amp Power, WIFI, Water Hook-Up. Sewer Dump Available.
Large enough for any size rig. The large circular driveway makes it easy
to get in and out. Only 4 miles from the nearest grocery store and hospital.

We're located on 5 acres fenced, RV pets welcome.
We have X-Pens to set up large safe play areas. Must be leashed on rest of property. Includes laundry access and use of all shared outdoor space.

Call 360.271.1410 or e-mail me to check availability.


August 20 - 24, 2023

:::::::: S O L D . O U T :::::::::

Welcome to my home
and studio!

Relax and bead outside on the deck or inside, depending on the weather, all the while enjoying the amazing views and indulging your need to bead!

Click here for
the full details!



Kimono I - Spring

The second in my kimono series for my new book "Four Seasons Kimono".

I love how the fringe and necklace came out. Playing with peyote tube beads and linking them for a waterall of strands, and fun with the lower fringe with loopy overlapping strands.

The colors in this are so hard to photograph, soft frosted spring greens and yellow with the cream and rich reds of the poppies. The kimono has pale lavendar and frost silverlined white patterning and the color block is actually a rich deep marigold color with a sprinkling of tangerine accents. If you've ever seen any of my other designs in person, you know the photos on the website just don't do them justice.




Travelling Bead Boards
All boards include binder clips to hold on lid. If you have problems with your hands, you can also pick up the self sticking velcro straps and use at least two straps, one for the length and width to hold it shut.

TBB-2 Designer - 32 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H
Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$35 ...

This combination is for seed beaders and stringers using larger crystals, pearls. Great for when I'm designing new bracelets and necklaces.

TBB-3 Mini - 19 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
My favorite as it will fit most of my designs
and is so easy to bring along.

Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$25 ...

TBB-4 Mini Designer - 13 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$25 ...

NOTE: Not all designs are available in all colors. If you have a choice it will show up in the shopping cart or see descriptions to the left.


Interested in Beading & Art Retreats?

I'll be planning more retreats. To find out more sign up for my beading retreat newsletter. The Retreats will be open sessions. Enjoy working inside or outside overlooking the Teton Mountains. You can learn anything I have kitted in my studio or pulled from my HUGE bead stash, OR you can bring a beading project you've needed help with! There will be beading, applique quilt designs, and who knows what else available by then for you to explore and create!

Applique Art Quilt Designs!

Click here to see the quilt designs. Working on getting back to the "drawing board" again. I love to draw and creating these different designs are so much fun. If you have a pattern idea e-mail it to me. If you want your fluffy buddy imortalized in fabric, I do custom designs, .75 cents per sq. inch., portrait with placement and color code chart. If it's one I'd like to use as a design for retail and it's okay with you, you will receive the pattern for FREE! Just e-mail me several pictures of your furry friend close up and in action, and his/her name and a little about them. It helps me capture more of their personality.

2 0 2 3   C A L E N D A R   O F   E V E N T S
August 20-24 : : : Teton Bead Retreat
Come and indulge in your beading passion
in the heart of the Teton Mountains! Only 1 Space left!
Click here to be learn more.

June 1 - September 30 : : : Open Studio
Welcome to our home and my studio in the Tetons!
Book a stay at our Airbnb and you can also scedule an Open Studio day with me to learn beadwork, design, applique quilting and more! Click here to reserve your date.

2 0 2 4   A L A S K A   B E A D   C R U I S E   :::   S E P T E M B E R - 1 5 , 2 0 2 3
Click here to sign up or learn more!

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