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May 18, 2024

Previous Alaska Bead Cruise Projects ...

Sweet Dreams
Key Card Holder

This is the perfect size for your cruise room key or as a mini purse for your credit card and ID as you walk around town and not have to carry a purse! Explore bead embroidery and have some fun with fringing. This piece is both easy and complex. You decide how much to embellish it. Keep adding to it through out the whole cruise. You just need to zip up the sides and add the necklace and you can start wearing it immediately!

Each kit comes with two moon faces, eyes open and closed. Lovely lucite flowers or other beautiful accent beads, or stones, pearls, or other fanciful shapes to go with the colors of the fabric, plus a custom bead mix.

The pattern will include detailed instructions on different bead emboidery techniques, necklace options and more!


Klondike Amulet Bag

Bring a little bit of the Northwest back with you. This design represents more than just the Kondike but the great Pacific Northwest.

As each person places their project order you'll get your choice of the porcelain focals. Picture on the right is just a sample of the designs. I'll e-mail you a current photo as soon as your order comes in.

String the fringe elements and accent beads in your own unique combination for the necklace and around the bag will make it your own. Time to get creative or follow the original pattern.

The amulet comes in TWO color ways with choice of focal and stone/bone feather accents.

Kondike Forest - A combination of deep satin browns with AB coat and bronze, dark olive, burnt sienna and cream and amber accents.

Klondike Glacier - Soft to rich teal blue greens, champagne beige, white, frost white, crystal sea foam and teal AB accents.

The fringe elements consist of daggers, crystals, seed beads, and natural stone to compliment each color way. Components will vary in each kit.


Designs by Ella Des

Ella is an amazing international designer. She travels the world by sail boat! Touching down here and there but never in one place long. She creates the most wonderful designs. Her patterns are super detailed with step by step photos and instructions. I'm proud to offer these designs. I support her designs and work by purchasing the teaching license then kit them. She has her own style and seeing them inspires me in new directions.

Zahara Pendant
Necklace & Pendant

A Lunasoft Cabochon glows softly from the middle of this fantastic pendant. Taking advantage of the contrast of the soft glow from the center to the sparkle of the crystals outside nestled inbetween the delicas and seed beads. Includes beads and a magnetic clasp to create a complimentary simple necklace.

Annalies Bracelet & Super Diamond Pendant

These two designs compliment each other and make a great combination. I love the shape of this pendant and how it's a different use for the duos.

These designs feature Super Duos or Czech Twins. A fairly quick bracelet for a relaxing project and then the pendant which will take a little longer but either are day projects.

The bracelet includes both a slide clasp and two magnetic clasps so you can choose which way you'd like to wear it. The pendant includes beads to make a complimentary simple necklace.

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