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These needlecases are the ones that the lids are exactly the same width as the body so they are sized right for beading around. The shorts are used for the patterns in Volume II, III and IV of the Beadfuddled Beader Books.



Travelling Bead Boards
All boards include binder clips to hold on lid. If you have problems with your hands, you can also pick up the self sticking velcro straps and use at least two straps, one for the length and width to hold it shut.

TBB-1 Original - 36 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H
$35 ...

My favorite still. The smaller spaces actually make it easier control your beads.

TBB-2 Designer - 32 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H

This combination is for seed beaders and stringers using larger crystals, pearls.

TBB-3 Mini - 19 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
$25 ...

Perfect to tuck into your purse and take a project along.

There are only a few of the dark grain lids left for the TBB-1 or 2 size,
enter prefered color in "comments" if you wish a specific color,
all others will be sent with the new Cognac lids.



Silamide Beading Thread
Silamide is my favorite type of beading thread "Size A", it's a prewaxed bonded nylon that doesn't fray easily
and doesn't need to be stretched or waxed. You will choose your color in the shopping cart.

100 Yard Spool ............. $4.50   

NOTE: Actual colors can vary slightly due to your computer monitor.

- Sold Out
Out of stock

Black - Sold Out
Out of stock

Natural #861

Ash Grey #944

Silver #257
Out of stock

Dark Blue #078

Royal Blue #669

Orange #109

Dark Green #044

Kelly Green #308

Burgundy #265

Red #966

Purple #603

Lilac #815

Light Pink #810

Dark Brown #451

Light Brown #533

Beige #910

Gold #290
Out of stock

Dusty Rose #195

Beading Needles

John James - Short Size 11 (12 pack) ...... $4.50   

Pony - Size 10 or 12 (6 pack) ..................... $2.50   

Pony - Size 10 or 12 (25 pack) ................... $4.50   Out of stock

Big Eye Needles 2.5" Long (4 pack) ......... $3.00   

Tulip - Size 11 (4 pack) ................................ $6.50 ..Out of stock


Thread Snips
These are some of the greatest thread scissors I've ever used. Ultra sharp and great for cutting thread really close to the work and a nice clean cut for new threads.These also work really well for Fireline! They were orginally designed for fishing line so they are extra tough.

Choose from Red, Blue, Black Pink or Green. Though as quantities go down it will be harder to match up your exact pick.

NOTE: Limited colors may happen. Select your preferred color first, then select either "Any" or "Delete from Order" under the "If not available".


One ........... $6.00   
Two ..........$10.00   
Three .......$14.50    

Bees Wax Button
Since Silamide is already waxed, when you want the ends to stick together you need bees wax, NOT Thread Heaven. Wax the last few inches of thread and flatten just the tip, remember to always cut your thread at an angle. Hold just a very short little end no more than 1/4" and it should go right through your needle.

bees wax button     $2.50   


Bead Scoops
I prefer these metal bead scoops, the plastic ones develop static
and cause my beads to stick and jump.

     1 Scoop      $1.00   
     3 Scoops    $2.50   


Gift Certificates...
Just choose the amount, the decorative certificate will be sent to you, or choose to have it shipped directly to the recipient (enter their name and address in the shipping section) will be sent with your return address on the envelope.

      $15 Certificate  
$25 Certificate  
$50 Certificate  
$75 Certificate  

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