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  Amulet Bags


new additions...
The kits and pattern pages have been reorganized, adding the Bracelets and Necklaces categories along with the Amulet Bags matching each pattern book, from the Beadfuddled Beaders to the Thimble Catchers. Just click on the book title below to see the designs in each one!

different types of kits...
When you order a kit, make sure of which one you want. For the amulet bags...

complete kit...  
Includes enlarged detailed pattern for amulet, necklace (average length 27" with additional beads to lengthen) and fringe, an actual pattern pre-sized for your form (just tape it together and slip your toilet paper roll inside!), and all the Miyuki Delicas (by weight with some extra for spillage), seed beads, and glass ornamental beads necessary to complete your project.

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them. If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.


delica only kit...  
These were designed for those of you with large bead stashes of lots of shapes and sizes but not a full Delica collection.

Also as time goes on and I retire complete amulet kits, it's inevitable that someone has just found my site, or remembers a kit that is now not available. So I've created DELICA KITS for my retired complete kits.

Delica Kits come with the complete pattern graph of the amulet, necklace and fringe bead descriptions and instructions. The Delicas are in 5 gram bags (regardless if the pattern calls for just 1 bead), which holds approximately 850 beads.


If you DO NOT need the pattern
, make a note in the "Order Instructions" and you'll save $5 off
the DELICA ONLY KIT price. For the people who already have the book or pattern.
Does NOT apply
to Complete Kits since the pattern is already pre-packaged with all the beads.


12 Days

Beads of a

Bead All You
Can Bead Card
Cases Vol. 1

Bead All You
Can Bead Card
Cases Vol. 2

Bead All You
Can Bead Card
Cases Vol. 3

Just Bead'n
Around Vol. 1

Just Bead'n
Around Vol. 2
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Order Delicas

for any of
these designs.
I carry all
the colors used
in these books.

Thimble Catcher
Vol. 1

Thimble Catcher
Vol. 2

Thimble Catcher
Vol. 3


Beader Vol. 1


Beader Vol. 2


Beader Vol. 3

Beader Vol. 4

America's Spirit

The Elements

beginner kit...geoceleste needlecase  

A little scared to just jump into one of the full sized amulets above?
Try out this kit on for size. The Geoceleste Needlecase will teach you how to read a chart, get your first complete row on and how to begin the weave and then step-up to your next row. With only three colors to deal with, it's the perfect starter project. And we ALL need a place to keep our needles!

Kit includes step-by-step instructions, three colors of delicas and your needlecase.

Color Choices:










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