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Mar. 10, 2023


Pattern Corrections:

Thank you for your understanding. I am a one person business, so I design, layout, cut, iron and try to proof all my designs. I am definately NOT perfect! So errors can slip through. Below is the list of errors that I have found and others have helped me find. Please make a note of them on your designs if you've purchased any before 12/12/16.

If YOU have found any errors in one of my designs, I appreciate your help in letting me know so that I can correct them, and list them for any others who have already purchased a design!




Got Cookies
-- Piece 34-B should be 34-E

Winter Joy
-- Color Code "L" is the same as "F"

Something Fishy
-- Missing Piece (if purchased before Oct. 2014)
Click on the link to for a printable PDF Something Fishy-Fix PDF

-- For those of you who purchased before Dec. 2016, the color code "L" is the same as "F" .

Dreaming in Black & White
-- Missing Piece B-3.5 (if purchased before Feb. 2013)
This piece falls between B-3 and B-4. It is drawn in on the placement guide.
It is a background piece on the right side of the Mother Pandas face

Click on the link for a printable PDF Dreaming in B&W Missing Piece

Whisper Under The Moon
-- Missing Step 14 in the Assembly Instructions for the Right Wing.
Click on the link for a printable PDF Assembly Instructions Page 3 of 4

Sugar Skull II
I managed to mix up a couple of my digital files for the placement guide on some early print runs.
If you have the placement guide with the background batik lime green coded with an "L"
Call me at 360-271-1410 or e-mail, this was the first draft and will not match your cutting guides or actual color codes!

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