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Fabulous Task Lighting!
Take it where ever you go to sit and bead, read, knit or stitch!

Found these fabulous lights a quilt show and immediately saw the perfect portable craft/task light! Nothing to break, no replacing bulbs, and light weight.

These lights can be powered via the portable battery packs (in the cell phone accessories aisle) you can purchase for as little as $5 at your local box store, OR, powered by the same USB to Micro USB cord and wall plug that comes with your phone (if its a Samsung or Android, NOT iPhone or the new speed chargers). The 4-LED will run on the inexpensive portable power source for 6-7 hours, pretty amazing, cut that by half for the 8-LED.

Three styles to choose from:

1) 4 LED lights
2) 8 LED lights
3) 4 LED uses 2 AA Batteries
(picture coming)

These lights are full spectrum, giving you a true color and you wear it so that it is angled right over your hands where you're looking, not shining at you or in front of you putting your beads in the shadow under your hands, or trying to find a place to set your light without it getting in the way.

I find the eight elements to be a bit much and will use your battery power up a little quicker, but if you need the extra light, there's no comparison. No more leaning forward over and over again to get your hands under the light to see what you're doing, saving your back!


As you can see from the picture (above right), the 4 LED and 8 LED USB are just a stick light on a cord. To use them you will need to make a holder for the light. If you do wire work, it's easy to make your own light holder to either wear, stand on it's own.

I have one pre-shaped available for just $5 in Copper or Silver (shown left). It has a flat spiral to attach to the back of the light, you'll run the wire over and under the curved neck to give it structure, and then through the center loops. It's got loops in the corners to attach a necklace to, make it removeable so you can use the light multiple ways.

The sample to the right is shows the necklace and counter balance weight added. Click on the image for an enlarged view to see how I did it.

By making both the necklace and the counter balance removeable. You can now slide the wire into the back of a book and you have a fabulous book light!

Light Options    
4-LED USB $20.00
8-LED USB $30.00
Wire Holder - (for 4 & 8-LED USB lights) $ 5.00
Got Light Kit - (Light sold separately)
Colors: Blue (shown above), Earthtones, Black/Silver/Frost, Purple & Frost
USB to Micro USB Power Cord Only - 9ft. Long $ 6.00
Dual USB Wall Plug $ 6.00

9ft. USB to Micro USB Cord & Dual USB Wall Charger


The 4 or 8 LED USB Light needs a power source!
Whether you use it plugged into the wall or on a portable battery pack. They do not come with the standard USB to Micro USB cord or wall plug. This saves you $15 off what the manufacturing cost of adding them to the light would have been. Most of us already have extra phone power cords and wall plugs around. And many of us have the extra battery packs for our phones. These lights use the older Android and Samsung phone cords, NOT the new speed charger or iPhone power cords. They are available above.


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LED Machine Lites ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
These are are the original lights that you would attach to your sewing machine for extra lighting.
The MT-40 is perfect for by the needle to give you that light you'd need to get it threaded and directly on your stitching surface. The MT-80 and MT-120 are best in the throat of your machine. For an average size machine the MT-80 is plenty if you have a longer and taller throat area you would want to get the MT-120.

MT-40 - 4 LED Light ...

MT-80 --- 8 LED Light ...

MT-120 --- 16 LED Light ...


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