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July 18, 2014

closeouts and sales...
Many of these kits only have one or two available so if it's been one you wanted, get it now! First come first serve, so I'll fill the orders by invoice number. Also listed are some other fun finds and vintage beads I happened to run into in some unusual colors. Plus some great Resin Beads that make light and fun jewelry. Check back as I'll be adding more and more this summer.

amulet bags . . . 20% Off!!!

Serengetti Watchers

These beautiful cats gaze across the Serengetti plains, going from a lazy walk to an incredible speed. Backside has a rich cheetah spot pattern.

This amulet uses delicas in the fringe and necklace. The fringe is different than shown, but similar in look and feel to compliment the bag.

Reg. $52 SALE $41.60


Pondering Owl

Soaring on silent wings, owls keep guard in the night. Let this owl watch over you! Beautiful flap decorated with two feathers creates another sophisticated look, which side will you wear showing?

I loved the fringe on this one. It's a lovely size to wear,
versus the newer larger design sizes.

Reg. $46.00
SALE $36.80  


Ginko Flow

These golden ginko leaves flow softly against the edge of the stream. Fall has changed these delicate leaves to their beautiful golden color.

Reg. $42 SALE $33.60  



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