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trunk shows & classes

Classes are taught by Amy Loh-Kupser of i-bead.com. When you
come to the class, you will also get to enjoy a private trunk show
of all the amulet bag designs, all the other bracelets and necklaces,
PLUS be able to shop for kits, books, beads and more!

private classes
Check the show dates to find out where I'll be passing near you.
E-mail me to set-up a private class! Minimum students is only
4 people and the classes are the prices listed below. I'll stop for
an afternoon, evening or a full day or more depending on the travel
schedule. No cost to you for the travel or stay, just make sure you have a place to park the motorhome and and a plug for electricity if it's
for a full day or more.


Class Fee includes ALL the materials and supplies and instruction sheet to complete your project.
Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the class to select your beads or kits, there is lots and lots to choose from!

Below are the samples of the classes available, click on the image for a larger view.
If you wish to order the pattern or a complete kit visit the Bracelets or Necklaces page.

Sarafina Bracelet

Class Fee: $22      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Have some fun with the Czech Twin Two Holes, they can create some very unique shapes and patterns. This one reminds me of dragons. Two colors of Czech Twin Two Holes, Size 11/0 and Size 8/0 and just a simple snap clasp, it makes the clasp invisible and the bracelet seamless. Easy to put on and very secure.

Anastasia Bracelet / Necklace

Class Fee: $22      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
It may look complex, but this design is easy for a beginner and fast for an experienced beader. It lays just as lovely as a bracelet, choker or a necklace. The individual components make fabulous earrings. Created using Czech Twin Two Hole beads, Size 11/0, 8/8 and a Snap Clasp which is easy to take on and off but holds securely.

Delilah Necklace

Class Fee: $28 Level: Beginner

Easy and elegant using classic chevron/netting techniques and 4mm and 6mm Glass Pearls, 4mm Fire Polish Crystals, Size 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads. Create this beautiful collar necklace. Kit makes up to a 22" necklace. Comes in five great color combinations.

Cleopatra Necklace

Class Fee: $34
Level: Beginner

Talk about royalty. Though similar to Delilah, has more sparkle and a bolder presence. It's a simple neclace to make, yet it looks complicated. 4mm Fire Polish Crystals for sparkle, 6mm Glass Pearls for a touch of elegance, put that together with the Size 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads and magic happens.

Sea Treasures Bracelet

Class Fee: $26      Level: Intermediate
Delicate, yet not as hard as you think! This bracelet is a lovely accent to just about anything. Sparkly 4mm Fire Polish to just about anything. Sparkly 4mm Fire Polish Crystals and 4mm Glass Pearls makes it a little more delicate design though with plenty of bling!
Pearlicious Bracelet

Class Fee: $26      Level: Intermediate
If you prefer a bolder statement, this is the one for you. Three rich colors of 6mm Glass Pearls and the sparkle from the 4mm Fire Polish Crystals and Seed Beads make this bracelet a show stopper! People will not believe you made it yourself!

Unforgettable Necklace

Class Fee: $24-28
Level: Beginner

Wondering what to do with that one large decorative button that you just had to have?

Turn it into a one-of-a-kind necklace! Learn how to do branch and loop fringe to accent your button. Several different ideas and instructions for necklace desgins and even more on how to add additional embelllishments are incuded.

Delicate Crystal Drops Necklace

Class Fee: $26
Level: Intermediate

Don't let the Christmas colors through you off, it comes in many beautiful combinations. A less formal necklace than the full Crystal Drops Necklace. Perfect for any party or the holiday season. Just the right amount of sparkle. You can vary this design easily with pearls and stones and Swarawski crystals.

Butterfly Lace

Class Fee: $22      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
This was fun to make! Talk about sparkle and motion. This is why I call it "Butterfly Lace". The picture just doesn't do it justice, the beads don't lay flat, they look like fluttery butterfly wings with sparkle!

Victorian Rosettes
Bracelet & Necklace

Class Fee: $28      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Learn how to make basic seed beads sparkle and dance. Once you learn this technique you can use so much of your bead stash!

This is a great technique to learn and then to up the bling factor by swapping out the third color of Size 6 beads with 3mm Swarovski Crystals instead! Pattern includes the pendant and necklace pattern to match the bracelet.

Crystal Flower Links

Class Fee: $26      Level: Beginner
This delicate bracelet is quick to mak. It uses two different colors of 6mm Fire Polish Crystals, Size 8 and Size 11 Seed Beads. It takes on a completely different look depending upon your color choice.

Hugs & Kisses

Class Fee: $22      Level: Beginner
Great beginner design that doesn't look like it's easy but it is!
This fun design can be made in a variety of colors. Your choice of 6mm Fire Polish Crystal and Size 11 Seed Beads.

Evening Star

Class Fee: $26      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Talk about twinkle, twinkle little star! This one will shine anywhere! It has a bold elegance and yet it's not to heavy. It uses 6mm, 4mm, Size 11, Size 6, and Size 8 Seed Beads. Using the 6mm Crystals for the closure it gives the bracelet a nice uniform look, though it can be a bit fiddly to get on and off, you can always add a traditional clasp instead.

Elegant Crystal Kiss

Class Fee: $26      Level: Beginner/Intermediate
For those of you who enjoy right angle weave. Not as hard as it looks! By using the beautiful bicone crystals down the center, it sets off the colors on the sides giving a much richer look. By varying the seed bead colors and the center crystal you can get very different looks.
Figure 8 Bracelet

Class Fee: $28      Level: Beginner
This is a classic Victorian style bracelet using a super fine multi strand beading wire, either SoftFlex Soft Touch or Beadalon. This is what keeps the shape as shown, you can NOT do this with any thread, the loops would just collapse. Created with 4mm Fire Polish Crystals, Size 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 seed beads with a sterling silver clasp.

Delicate Flowering Vine

Class Fee: $26      Level: Beginner
Great technique to learn and build on. This is just one of many variations you can make with this bracelet pattern. It can be as delicate as the above design, or you can add, and add, and add until you hae a wild and crazy garden bracelet.

Hollow Crystal Beads

Class Fee: $24
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Learn to make these fun hollow beads using Right Angle Weave. These are a lot of fun and quick to make. You will learn the basic shape and then how to add to it to make an even more elaborate design. These are beautiful by themselves on a chain or with multiples on a necklace. Perfect for dangly earrings or as a button closure for a sewing project.

Turkish Delights

Class Fee: $28
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Big, bold, and sparkly! These beads are fabulous show stopper for the center of a necklace. Use one or many for a great necklace. Combine these with the classic Hollow Crystal Bead shapes for a fun and funky necklace!

Tubular Peyote Needlecase

Class Fee: $26      Level: Beginner

Class includes instruction sheet, your choice of three colors of delicas, needlecase, needles and thread. You will learn how to read a pattern, and how to start any project quickly and easily, plus how to decrease to close the ends of the needlecase.This versatile stitch is what's used for the amulet bags, making tubular beads, flat panels and many other projects.

Twisted Herringbone

Class Fee: $26
Level: Intermediate

This bead stitch creates a soft and flexible bracelet or necklace reminiscent of a crocheted rope. But on this project you don't have to string all your beads in advance, you add them as you go. You can vary the size of beads and the shapes to create many different looks. Your choice of three colors of Size 8/0 seed beads and button. Focal bead not included.

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