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Late March / Early April 2021

Holland America ::: TBA ::: Only 24 spaces available

Expand your journey through life with an adventure into the Far East! I've travelled there many years ago and look forward to going back to see the changes and the unchanging history. We will start off in one of worlds greatest shopping cities of the world... Hong Kong! Then travel up the coast all the way to the imperial city formerly known as Beijing, then onto Japan and ending in Tokyo. We should arrive during the famous Cherry Blossom Festival time.

Pre-register to be notified of the actual date and actual pricing, and be ready to get the best pricing on this fabulous cruise! It seems like it would be an expensive cruise, but it's actually less than the 10 day Alaska cruise even with flying overseas! How, I don't know, but I'm going to take advantage of it and head east! Click here to view the current Holland America website itinerary for this cruise, it doesn't change much each year, and you'll be able to learn more about all the stops and activities available for this cruise.

Click here to see current class choices. NOTE: there will be many new classes added before final choices need to be made for this cruise. What's shown is for the current year's cruise.

You don't have to be a beader to come along, any person who is into hand crafts, knitting, embroidery, hand quilting etc. is more than welcome to come along for the Open Studio option, if you have a bunch of UFO bead projects, bring them along instead of purchasing the Beaders Package. You'll still receive a fun goodie bag and be included in all the group activities. For the companion traveller, it's just $75 to save more than $200 on your cruise price.

Remember, we only work on projects while we're at sea, so when we arrive in the ports we all go and explore! Classes are all open session, you're not trapped all day at a table, once you get started you're more than able to take your project and continue working on it in one of the many beautiful lounges and observation areas! We travelled all over the ship last time, taking advantage of the different areas from the Lido Deck by the Pool, to the Canaletto Restaurant and up to the Crows Nest!


DAY 1:
HONG KONG - We don't depart until 11 pm, so this gives you a full day to explore Hong Kong if you get in early.

DAY 2-3:
AT SEA - BEADING - Get right into working on your projects and exploring the ship!

DAY 4-5:
SHANGHAI, CHINA - We have two days to explore Shanghai and the surrounding areas, check out the tours available.


DAY 6:
AT SEA - BEADING - Time to recover from all the tours and relax with some beading and time onboard.

DAY 7:
QINGDOU, CHINA - Explore modern and old world all in one place.

DAY 8:

DAY 9-10:
TIANJIN (BEIJING), CHINA - The center of this ancient empire full of history, architecture, art and more. You'll have the chance to see the at least two of the great wonders of the world.

DAY 11:

DAY 12:
NAGASAKI, JAPAN - The third-largest island in Japan, Nagasaki is one of the country’s most cosmopolitan port cities.

DAY 13:
KAGOSHIMA, JAPAN - Situated at the southern tip of Japan, Kagoshima is the capital of the prefecture of the same name and famous for its dramatic views of Sakurajima, an active volcano that smolders across the bay.


DAY 15: YOKOHAMA (TOKYO), JAPAN - It is often overshadowed by nearby Tokyo, it continues to be one of Japan’s liveliest, and most international, destinations. Yokohama has a decidedly different feel from many other Japanese cities.

Click here to view this years cruise itinerary and tours on the Holland Americas website. This will give you a good idea of what to expect for 2021.

ms ??? ::: China & Japan 2021
All prices are approximate at this time until offical dates are posted fr the cruise. All pricing is based on double occupancy, please e-mail me for single occupancy or other cabin pricing. If you don't have a room mate and are flexible we can help you double up in a cabin, we will do our best to find you a room mate, but if not the single supplement would apply. The beds can be made into two singles instead of a queen. $600 deposit reserves your cabin. 100% refundable up to the final payment date three months in advance.
Cabin prices are subject to change as we get closer to the sailing date. Pre-register to get the best rate!


Questions or ready to reserve your space? E-mail or call me at 360.271.1410 PST

Inside Cabin
$1910 pp
Single Occ. Call for Pricing

Ocean View
$2150 pp
Single Occ. Call for Pricing

$2725 pp
Single Occ. Call for Pricing

Neptune Suite
Call for Pricing

The Beaders Package is $525, this is for 5 full day classes, includes all your bead kits with complete instructions and material supplies. Fabulous goodie bag with lots of surprises! You'll have $300 credit + an additional 5% off project kits. You will need to bring your basic tools based on your projects, a list will be provided upon final selections.

Artistan Companion $250 gives you access to pre/post cruise events, and group events during the cruise. Fabulous goodie bag with lots of surprises! Ability to purchase individual kits at regular price to work on the ship along with any of your current projects and help with any projects you bring along if you get stuck!

Companion / Non Beader $75 receives benefit of group rate savings of $200 - $400 per person based on cabin choice.

Questions or ready to reserve your space? E-mail or call me at 360.271.1410 PST.

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