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Nov. 24, 2022



On Holiday . . . New Developments
I'm working on all the orders that have come in since I've been on the road. I'll be sending orders until the 30th of November, then... I'll be out with the hubby on holiday until mid-December! Thanks for your patience and support. Any orders December 1st and on will be sent out as soon as we get back.

I will be updating my website over the next several months. The patterns and books will be offered both as a hard copy mailed out, or soon to be PDF downloads (for half the cost and no shipping!) so you can get them instantly. I am also working on getting them translated into word charts. If there is any particular design you've been wanting this way, let me know and I'll put it at the top of the list of the hundreds of patterns I need to convert! This is no small task as I'm having to open, edit, scan 25 years of designs!

I am also winding down the kit offerings as I am not going to be going out on the road much in the future. I am going to make as many kits as I can with my existing stock, and I will still be designing new projects. There will be limited edition kits offered for the new designs.

I will do custom request kit orders once a week, so they won't ship immediately. If there is a particular design you would like a kit for, e-mail me and I can create a one off with the understanding that the fringe and necklace will not be exactly like the original. So many of the beads have been discontinued and if I do not have anything that will work in my stash, that cost will be discounted from the kit price and listed on the "Fringe Substitution" list. You'll still get the benefit of paying for just what you need and having enough delicas for flingage, but not having to pay the full 5 gram price for every color even if you only needed 3 beads.

Shipping will be "Parcel Post" rates which will take a few days more but will save you $$$. Once I've packed and weighed everything. I'll ship whichever way is the least expensive, then add the postage to your final total. You still have the choice of choosing USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail if you want it sooner, though during the holidays, that's never a guarantee. Your best bet is to call me with your order to get it out the quickest.

Upcoming Events & Design

I have only three more show events, then I'm only going to travel every other year to a couple of shows. I will be offering annual retreats at my studio in the Tetons and a Bead Cruise every other year to different locations. Check the schedule below for the upcoming fun events!

My focus is going to be more on design and having a life not on the road. It's been an amazing trip, but it's time to learn new things and stretch my creativity which will allow me to share this with all of you.


August 20 - 24, 2023
::: Only 10 spaces available :::

to my home
and studio!

Relax and bead outside on the deck or inside, depending on the weather, all the while enjoying the amazing views and indulging your need to bead!

Click here for the full details!


September 2024
Alaska Bead Cruise
with optional 4-Day Post
Cruise Excursion to
Denali National Park

Time to change it up! The planning is in the works. We're headed ONE-WAY North to Seward, AK with Celebrity Cruise Lines. The dates have yet to be released, but it's never to soon to start planning.

The trip will start in Vancouver, BC and end in Seward, AK.

The hotels and transportation options book out so early. Our 2020 was cancelled due to Covid, but now it's time to get crusing again! Click here to stay up to date.


Kimono I - Spring

Okay, "Spring" has come and gone, but I've finally finished the second in my kimono series for my new book "Four Seasons Kimono".

I love how the fringe and necklace came out. Playing with peyote tube beads and linking them for a waterall of strands, and fun with the lower fringe with loopy overlapping strands.

The colors in this are so hard to photograph, soft frosted spring greens and yellow with the cream and rich reds of the poppies. The kimono has pale lavendar and frost silverlined white patterning and the color block is actually a rich deep marigold color with a sprinkling of tangerine accents. If you've ever seen any of my other designs in person, you know the photos on the website just don't do them justice.

PATTERN ONLY  $14.00  
COMPLETE KIT $114.00  


Travelling Bead Boards
All boards include binder clips to hold on lid. If you have problems with your hands, you can also pick up the self sticking velcro straps and use at least two straps, one for the length and width to hold it shut.

TBB-2 Designer - 32 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H
Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$35 ...

This combination is for seed beaders and stringers using larger crystals, pearls. Great for when I'm designing new bracelets and necklaces.

TBB-3 Mini - 19 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
My favorite as it will fit most of my designs
and is so easy to bring along.

Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$25 ...

TBB-4 Mini Designer - 13 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
Color: White Oak Base / Ebony Lid
$25 ...

NOTE: Not all designs are available in all colors. If you have a choice it will show up in the shopping cart or see descriptions to the left.


Interested in Beading & Art Retreats?

I'll be planning more retreats. To find out moresign up for my beading retreat newsletter. The Retreats will be open sessions. Enjoy working inside or outside overlooking the Teton Mountains. You can learn anything I have kitted in my studio or pulled from my HUGE bead stash, OR you can bring a beading project you've needed help with! There will be beading, applique quilt designs, and who knows what else available by then for you to explore and create!

Applique Art Quilt Designs!

Click here to see the quilt designs. Working on getting back to the "drawing board" again. I love to draw and creating these different designs are so much fun. If you have a pattern idea e-mail it to me. If you want your fluffy buddy imortalized in fabric, I do custom designs, .75 cents per sq. inch., portrait with placement and color code chart. If it's one I'd like to use as a design for retail and it's okay with you, you will receive the pattern for FREE! Just e-mail me several pictures of your furry friend close up and in action, and his/her name and a little about them. It helps me capture more of their personality.

2 0 2 3   C A L E N D A R   O F   E V E N T S
January 18 - 21 : : : Road 2 California
Quilt Show - Booth #3H-4H
Between the Main Showroom and Ballroom
Ontario, CA
January 26 - 28 : : : Rusty Barn
Quilt, Craft &Sewing Festival

Quilting & Crafting Show - Booth TBA
Phoenix, AZ
Feb. 28 - Mar. 5 : : : Sew & Stitchery Expo
Quilting Show & Classes
Showplex Booth #TBA
Puyallup, WA

August 20-24 : : : Teton Bead Retreat
Come and indulge in your beading passion
in the heart of the Teton Mountains!
Click here to be learn more.

2 0 2 4   A L A S K A   B E A D   C R U I S E   :::   S E P T E M B E R - D T B A
Click here to stay up to date on the 2024 Alaska Bead Cruise.

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